How to Play

YLotto Weekly Toonie Draw

Fill out a registration form and take part in our YLotto Weekly Toonie Draw. By playing your Toonie every week you are helping us raise funds to support the YMCA of Cape Breton.


Here’s how to participate in our weekly modified 50/50 draw:

Step 1

Pick up a Registration Form

At any of our 15 retail locations, pick up and fill out a registration form to receive a YLotto number for life. The number on the form is your permanent number. You can also call us at (902) 270-PLAY (7529) or email and we will send you your number for life.

Step 2

Insert your Completed Form

Place your completed form within a provided envelope and insert in the slot on the YLotto Toonie box.

Step 3

Record your Number

Take the label supplied, put it on your Toonie, write your number on the Toonie and insert it into a supplied envelope. Then insert it in the YLotto Toonie box.

Step 4

Participate Weekly

Play every week, so that you always have a chance to win.

Did you know

You can prepay by any denomination that can be divided by two at any of our Toonie box locations or prepay for the year by phoning (902) 270-PLAY (7529).

Any questions

Please call the YLotto Office at (902) 270-PLAY (7529).

Forgot your number?

Contact us by email at or call (902) 270-PLAY (7529).

Thank you for your support of the YMCA of Cape Breton’s YLotto Weekly Toonie Draw.
The YMCA of Cape Breton is a not-for-profit organization and all proceeds go toward operations of the YMCA to better serve our community.