Rules & Details

At the YMCA toonie box, take a registration form, fill it out, “so we can read it”. Tear it apart, put the half with YOUR NAME, Full Address, Phone & Email into the box. Take a sticker from display, clearly write your number from registration onto the sticker, UNDERLINE IT, put it on your toonie in an envelope and put it in the box. If you wish to play more than one Toonie per week, you have to register another number and play it every week as well. Play each number ONLY ONCE a week.


All players must be 19 years or older.


You must have your Toonie with your “number for life” on it, into the YMCA box by Wednesday at noon every week with the draw to follow Thursday morning unless otherwise notified.


Your # is yours for life to play weekly. You may be removed from the list by written request. Any registered number that is inactive for 1 year, will be forfeited and available to be reissued by the YMCA of Cape Breton.


Draw is from all the registration numbers, not from the Toonies. The Toonie is only to verify you played that week.

Your number is yours for life to play weekly.


If a registration number is drawn and that number was not played that week the prize will roll over to the next week.


You can prepay your number ONLY for further weeks by placing a sticker with your number on it onto a bill such as a $10, $20, $50, $100 or two Toonies to play a full year and inserting it into an envelope and then into the YMCA box. DO NOT PUT EXTRA TOONIE IN BOX to prepay. Any extra toonies with the same number are forfeited. You can also pay by credit card by phoning Debbie MacLeod of the YMCA (902) 270-PLAY (7529).


Prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the date they were drawn.


In case of discrepancy, the master list of the YMCA of Cape Breton supersedes all other lists.


All prize winners will automatically be deemed to grant the YMCA of Cape Breton the right to publish through all media including social media, radio & newspaper, the winner’s name and community.


The YMCA of Cape Breton reserve the right to make changes without notice.